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Each ingenious homeowner, caring for the welfare and health of the family, traditionally prefer wood and frame buildings for their comfort, functionality and durability. Wooden structures are natural, provide comfort and are quicker to install. In such a building the timber absorbs heat during the day and releases it by evaporating the moisture when cooling – in this way an optimum heat and moisture ratio is maintained. It doesn’t matter what wooden product you choose - the investment to the ecology and natural materials will pay off with usury.

Craftsman Mindaugas Grinkevičius has been working in Klaipėda area since 1998; he has deserved customer respect and is not counting how many works he has carried out anymore. The terraces as summerhouses, annex constructions, woodsheds were built, comfortable and functional saunas and steam baths were equipped. Wooden stairs, kitchen and outdoor furniture were made; plenty of roofs were insulated by installing rainwater runoff and water storage systems. The experienced carpenter`s hands produce original solutions – the tree that grows up here is being incorporated into the outdoor terrace, the decorative fences are being matched to the summerhouses. Playgrounds, houses in the trees, swings are being installed for the kids. A unique wood interior and facade decoration is being created, the coherence and harmony with the surrounding nature, plants and range of colours around the farmstead is being strived for.

M. Grinkevicius emphasizes that there are no equal projects. Each project is adjusted individually. The new work begins only after completion the started one to minimise the mistakes. Experience of many years and the team of reliable partners allow to organize projecting and building work effectively from foundation to the key.


carcass saunas, garden houses,
firewood, prefabricated buildings
Industrially desiccated, calibrated, degraded timber allows obtaining the high work quality, avoid splinters, that is why it is used to build wooden frame buildings, roof constructions as it is stable, sustains high load, is resistant to becoming blue, to mould and fungus. High quality raw material does not crack, there is no need to impregnate it. It embalms the natural wood aroma and is permeable to air circulation. The best raw material is the one that is cut in winter, because it is drier. We use wood only from reliable suppliers and certified sawmills.
and arbors construction
A terrace is a raised level, open platform with a solid cover. Usually the terrace has a roof and is girded by batten strips. Terrace floor might be wooden or from other materials. They connect the zones of a house and the outside. The main function of a terrace is to give cosiness and to let enjoy the fresh air in summer. A summerhouse is a place for rest or celebration not only on warm weekend evenings, but also a great shelter from light summer rain or hot sun.

terraces washing, oiling,
painting, impregnation
Terraces cleaning, washing and refurbishing. In order for your terrace to serve longer, it needs proper care – remove from sand, gravel, leaves, spikes and other dirt. It is also important to eradicate the mold, mushroom, moss, and other microorganisms.

We renew out-dated bath and sauna trim by replacing boards, removing rotten balks. With the help of heavy equipment and rope we lift the construction and perform the works of lower balks’ replacement. We repair the cracks in the chimney. We try to carry the restoration work using the same bricks, if possible preserving the same decoration elements. We strictly adhere to all the work and fire safety requirements, ensure the safety of the environment around the objects under renovation.
saunas and steam baths
To equip saunas we suggest selecting lighter timber, for example: lime-tree, alder-tree, aspen, cedar, and pine without resin. We insulate the walls in sauna with aluminised paper sheets to keep the moisture from spreading to other rooms. We make a ventilation space between the decoration plates and sheets for air circulation. In this way excellent Russian baths, Finnish saunas, Turkish steam or infrared saunas are being equipped. For the safety of our customers it is essential to ensure the nonslip flooring.
high pressure
Wooden facades, decorative plasters, blocks, stone mass, PVC skirting boards, various types of roofs – mosquito wash, dirt, greening, soot, pollen and other microorganisms.


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